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 Thursday, October 9 2008

Installation on OS X was vastly simplified and the installation instructions in install-osx updated accordingly. If you give it a try, don't hesitate to share your experiences!


 Monday, September 29 2008

Sabu Francis modified Vanilla 0.6.2 to add, amongst other things, OpenID authentification, better support for tagging, and simple rich text editing. You might want to give it a try.


 Monday, March 17 2008

James Adam recently started to work on a Ruby "re-imagining" of Vanilla, Vanilla.rb. Godspeed You! Red Emperor.


 Sunday, November 20 2005

If you're interested in why we (we being earl and chris) think the combination of weblogs and wikis (still) makes sense, how that combination can help with learning and managing learning, in short, why Vanilla-style systems rock, along with some wild speculations concerning the future, you might enjoy the paper we presented at the Microlearning2005 conference which took place in June 2005 in Innsbruck:

Snips and Spaces: Managing Microlearning*

Abstract. Radically lowering "barriers to publish", wikis and weblogs are rapidly gaining acceptance as simple and hassle-free ways to share and link information in a community of interest (or overlapping communities of interest). Based on a working definition of microlearning as learning from microformats, we discuss the characteristics of both formats and outline problems that may arise in a microlearning context. We propose that by combining both formats to form an integrated whole, those problems can be largely solved. This is complemented by a description of several aspects of Vanilla, a system based on this idea.

*To appear in Proceedings of the Microlearning Conference 2005, Innsbruck, Austria. June 23–24, 2005.


 Wednesday, November 16 2005

Johannes Lerch has created a very cool tagging package for Vanilla. Go check it out!

Happy tagging!


 Monday, November 7 2005

Thumbs up to Erik Möller for mentioning Vanilla as "Pioneer in Bliki technology" in his talk "Das Netz erwacht" at Wikiposium 2005 :-)


 Wednesday, August 3 2005

Markus Flatscher has adapted Stefan Schallerl's incremental search hack to work with Vanilla. Way cool, Markus!

The original announcement can be found on vanilla-pudding, the mailing list for all things Vanillean. If you want it on your own Vanilla spaces as well, have a look at Markus' space. This stuff will definitely be incorporated into the next Vanilla release.


 Friday, February 18 2005

Added a very brief introduction to Vanilla: Vanilla in 2 Minutes; also added a FAQ item to documentation: "Where can I find more documentation?"


 Wednesday, November 10 2004

New, newer, Vanilla 0.6.2! It's out, featuring the debut of the new weblogging tool "Du-jour deux", a revamped comments system, sticky snips and more! You want to read about all the glorious details? Have a look at the vanilla-0.6.2-release-notes. You wanna get a copy while it's hot? Go download it!

UPDATE: an annoying cookie bug was found in 0.6.2. the bug is fixed, the downloads are updated.


 Thursday, September 9 2004

"A wiki, a free form, unstructured space, is like a room. A room can be used for anything. For meetings, for sleeping, for swimming (provided it has a pool), but a room is just a space. And to the people using the room, that space becomes a place. A place to situation themselves, a place to call home, a place to organize themselves, or a place to orient from."

Sunir Shah's explanation of the Wiki-phenomenon by analogy to a room is possibly the most precise write-up on this topic yet. It's so good, it would have to be quoted completely - so better go and read it now!


 Wednesday, July 21 2004

"SORUA - Simple Online Remote User Authentication - is a project aimed at developing a standard API for a very simple, decentralised, remote authentication mechanism for HTTP-based applications."

Vanilla supports the SORUA initiative and will provide an AuthServer interface to Vanilla spaces as soon as the specification is finished. We also plan to provide a UserServer frontend for commenting, however this is scheduled as mid-term goal.

Disclaimer: Andreas Bolka - Vanilla co-developer - is co-author of the SORUA specification.


 Tuesday, July 13 2004

In Vanilla-related news - the REBOL Development Projects Summary:
"The purpose of this document is to give developers, partners, and power users a quick summary of our product development plans and future technology vision."

Not at least because Vanilla is based on REBOL, it's nice to see such a life-signal from REBOL Technologies (RT). You surely will understand that RT's hints that they may endorse Vanilla for their community building project are especially exciting to us. We also heartily welcome Carl Sassenrath, who recently joined this site.

We'll do a followup post within the next few days describing a few REBOL advancements which would be extremely profitable for Vanilla-development.


 Sunday, July 4 2004

We'll be at BlogTalk 2.0 in Vienna the next 2 days. If you'll be there and want to meet up, just drop us a note here.


 Monday, April 12 2004

"You know what the web is like. It's that thing full of pages that you flit between, clicking on linky thingys to see more pages. You read, and move on. It wasn't supposed to be like that. When Sir Tim Berners-Lee came up with the idea of the World Wide Web, he imagined a system where people wouldn't just 'browse' pages, they would 'edit' them as they went along."

The Guardian's take on Wikis, entitled "Weave a wiki web". The article suffers from a typical wiki reception problem: the focus is on the "anyone can edit" feature where the at least equally important Wiki-feature of quick and easy interlinking of pages is left aside. Nevertheless, well worth a read.


 Saturday, February 14 2004

Vanilla 0.6.1 - a bugfix release to Vanilla 0.6.0 - was released today! Check out the release notes and get it while it's hot!


 Thursday, January 15 2004

Jim McGee while musing about [create Douglas Engelbart] and outliners states that,

"For those with well defined work worlds (think AutoCad or Excel or programming), there is an expectation that it takes time to become effective using new tools. Not so in the world of general purpose knowledge work. There's opportunity there still to be exploited."
-- Jim McGee

As Vanilla is geared towards supporting "knowledge workers" (as are, in fact, most hypertext systems), the quoted statement is highly applicable to Vanilla. The "art" of working with hypertext system boils down to slicing large chunks of information into smaller pieces and intertwingling (connecting) smaller snips of information. Finding a technique to accomplish aforementioned tasks can take a while. Especially as working with knowledge is an area very sensible to personal tastes and techniques found to be working for others most often can only serve as guideline to develop one's own, at best.


 Friday, January 9 2004

The Online Community Report has an interview with Ross Mayfield of SocialText, makers of commercial Wiki packages.

"[Wikis] are also cool because they are the antithesis of traditional enterprise software with its top-down design the imposes process, ontology and structure upon users. By giving users the power to create, link and form groups it serves the domain of business practice, the unstructured collaboration that leverages informal networks. A wiki can serve group activities quickly, so a project can begin with conversation and prototyping instead of waiting for a tool to be created or implemented."
-- Ross Mayfield

Whereas much of the interview is (understandably ;-) a SocialText semi-commercial, the first few paragraphs summarize the basic concepts behind Wikis very well.


 Thursday, January 8 2004

A first version of howto-custom-urls has been finished. If you were wondering how those clean and nice-looking /space/-urls on for example can be achieved, check it out! :)


 Friday, December 26 2003

Spurred by the announced Vanilla release, our friends from the SnipSnap project have released SnipSnap 0.5a ("Farnham") on 2003-12-23. It sure looks like a winner, and I look forward to promptly steal the best ideas play with it in the coming days.


 Wednesday, December 24 2003

After years and years (and, uhm, years) of hard and diligent work we are proud to release the hitherto longest-awaited Vanilla release ever: 0.6!

For the full scoop, all the new features, every single fixed bug: go read the vanilla-0.6-release-notes.

This is the first release since 714 days, and it's definitely been worth the wait.


 Saturday, June 28 2003

2001-10-22 featured a first draft, simply called "fileups." and just like everything vanilla, things seem to take their time. finally, almost 2 years later, attachments join vanilla's unique feature set. coming soon to a release near you.


 Sunday, June 8 2003


 Tuesday, June 3 2003

Hello World!


 Thursday, December 13 2001

The glorious day of the Vanilla 0.5.1 release.


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