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 Thursday, October 9 2008

Installation on OS X was vastly simplified and the installation instructions in install-osx updated accordingly. If you give it a try, don't hesitate to share your experiences!

brisae_1999, 5628 days ago:

Just thought I'd let you know that I'm enjoying my VanillaSite. However, I currently have the self install version, the one that was web exposed (per Chris on message #950 in vanilla-pudding)

I was wondering if re-installing the self extracting 6.2 version will obliterate current snips I've accumulated thus far. I plan to learn network in the near future will attempt a public installation of my vanilla space, so it's my opinion that this tweak is imperative.
earl, 5348 days ago:
Yes, re-installing the self-extracting 0.6.2 from this installer will completely wipe any earlier install done with this installer.

If you want to keep your snips, simply backup /usr/local/vanilla-0.6.2 before starting the installer, and restore the space/ (and db/, if desired) directories after the installer has finished.
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