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To use Vanilla on OS X, you need to have the Apache Web Server installed on your server. Once this requirement is fulfilled, installation is a matter of downloading, verifying that it does not harm your system, and executing it in a Terminal; the script will take care of downloading and installing REBOL and Vanilla for you.

So all you've got to do, is open a Terminal, read the instructions and type the following commands:
curl -O
open -a "TextEdit"

The first command will download the script, the second command opens an editor for you to inspect the script, and if all is fine, the third command will execute the script.

Once that's done, you should be able to access your shiny new Vanilla via http://localhost/cgi-bin/vanilla.cgi. Enjoy!


The script will:
  • Delete everything in /usr/local/vanilla-0.6.2 and remove all files with names starting with vanilla from /Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables. /Library/WebServer/Documents/vanilla-static is completely removed.

  • In your home folder, a temporary directory vanilla-install will be created. If such a directory already exists, it will be deleted first!

  • Vanilla 0.6.2 and REBOL 2.5.6 for OSX are downloaded into this temporary directory.

  • Vanilla is installed in /usr/local/vanilla-0.6.2/vanilla and REBOL in /usr/local/vanilla-0.6.2/rebol.

  • Vanilla's CGI executable is adapted to correctly point to the REBOL interpreter. The Vanilla CGI itself is placed along with the config file in /Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables, i.e. in the Apache directory for sytem-wide CGIs.

  • The config file is adapted to properly set vanilla-root and resource-url.

  • Vanilla's static file directory is moved to /Library/WebServer/Documents/vanilla-static, i.e. made publicly web-accessible.

  • Finally, the temporary directory where the downloads were stored is removed.

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