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- Vanilla in 2 Minutes

mailing list - vanilla-pudding

You can always join vanilla-pudding, the official and aptly named mailing list for all things vanilla. If you don't like web interfaces, you can send a mail to directly in order to subscribe. Finally, you might also want to check the archives.

installation & configuration

- install-win32: For installation on Microsoft Windows based systems.
- install-unix: For installation on systems of the unix family.
- install-osx: For installation on Mac OS X (10.2+).

- [create doc-conf-options]: Vanilla configuration options explained.
- [create url-generation]: How URLs are generated by Vanilla and related configuration options.


Q: Where can I find more documentation?

A: Stuff linked here is all "polished" documentation there is. Please have a look at the mailing list archives which may contain information you are looking for - if nothing else helps, join the mailing list and drop a message.


- howto-vanilla-vista: How to get VanillaVista up and running with Vanilla 0.6+.
- howto-custom-urls: How to get those nice /space/ urls you seen on lots of vanilla sites.
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