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 Tuesday, July 13 2004

In Vanilla-related news - the REBOL Development Projects Summary:
"The purpose of this document is to give developers, partners, and power users a quick summary of our product development plans and future technology vision."

Not at least because Vanilla is based on REBOL, it's nice to see such a life-signal from REBOL Technologies (RT). You surely will understand that RT's hints that they may endorse Vanilla for their community building project are especially exciting to us. We also heartily welcome Carl Sassenrath, who recently joined this site.

We'll do a followup post within the next few days describing a few REBOL advancements which would be extremely profitable for Vanilla-development.

unknown, a long time ago:
Yes+Yay !!
Finally RT takes a serious look at Vanilla. Great news. Forever curious why it took so long..? but notwithstanding, really this is good good news.
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