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 Thursday, January 15 2004

Jim McGee while musing about [create Douglas Engelbart] and outliners states that,

"For those with well defined work worlds (think AutoCad or Excel or programming), there is an expectation that it takes time to become effective using new tools. Not so in the world of general purpose knowledge work. There's opportunity there still to be exploited."
-- Jim McGee

As Vanilla is geared towards supporting "knowledge workers" (as are, in fact, most hypertext systems), the quoted statement is highly applicable to Vanilla. The "art" of working with hypertext system boils down to slicing large chunks of information into smaller pieces and intertwingling (connecting) smaller snips of information. Finding a technique to accomplish aforementioned tasks can take a while. Especially as working with knowledge is an area very sensible to personal tastes and techniques found to be working for others most often can only serve as guideline to develop one's own, at best.

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