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 Snips and Spaces
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Snips & Spaces: Managing Microlearning* (PDF, 960kB)

Christian Langreiter, Andreas Bolka (2005)

Abstract. Radically lowering "barriers to publish", wikis and weblogs are rapidly gaining acceptance as simple and hassle-free ways to share and link information in a community of interest (or overlapping communities of interest). Based on a working definition of microlearning as learning from microformats, we discuss the characteristics of both formats and outline problems that may arise in a microlearning context. We propose that by combining both formats to form an integrated whole, those problems can be largely solved. This is complemented by a description of several aspects of Vanilla, a system based on this idea.

*To appear in Proceedings of the Microlearning Conference 2005, Innsbruck, Austria. June 23–24, 2005.
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