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 Sunday, November 20 2005

If you're interested in why we (we being earl and chris) think the combination of weblogs and wikis (still) makes sense, how that combination can help with learning and managing learning, in short, why Vanilla-style systems rock, along with some wild speculations concerning the future, you might enjoy the paper we presented at the Microlearning2005 conference which took place in June 2005 in Innsbruck:

Snips and Spaces: Managing Microlearning*

Abstract. Radically lowering "barriers to publish", wikis and weblogs are rapidly gaining acceptance as simple and hassle-free ways to share and link information in a community of interest (or overlapping communities of interest). Based on a working definition of microlearning as learning from microformats, we discuss the characteristics of both formats and outline problems that may arise in a microlearning context. We propose that by combining both formats to form an integrated whole, those problems can be largely solved. This is complemented by a description of several aspects of Vanilla, a system based on this idea.

*To appear in Proceedings of the Microlearning Conference 2005, Innsbruck, Austria. June 23–24, 2005.

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