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vanilla 0.6

After years and years (and, uhm, years) of hard and diligent work we are proud to release the hitherto longest-awaited Vanilla release ever: 0.6! It shines like no Vanilla has before, no, it really radiates Glühwein-induced joy and happiness! As for the endless listing of new features and fixed bugs (bugs?), we kindly redirect you to the attached comprehensive change log, from which we liberally excerpt the following highlights:

  • Snip attachments: This single new feature brings a whole new dimension of usefulness (in addition to the already present 7 dimensions!) to Vanilla. Some early users are rumored to have abandoned the file system completely for the bright new world of snip attachments.

  • Easily installable VanillaVista package (see howto-vanilla-vista).

  • Vastly improved documentation. (Please keep any comments la "zero is a great starting point for vast improvements" to yourself.)

  • Profound deployment improvements (cleaned-up and simplified configuration, CGI wrapper script).

  • The name of the start snip is now configurable.

As most of you surely happen to know, the period from 2001-12-13 up to today was, from an astrological point of view, not well-suited for product releases of any kind. We did consult with international softwarereleasology experts as well, and they, as we did expect, did only confirm what the stars, our friends, were already telling us.

Furthermore, Vanilla is like high-quality, expensive wine (i.e. the kind which is not available in Tetrapackaging [yet] - albeit Vanilla available in Tetra Paks might be worth some pondering, but not now - as that pondering might further delay what has been delayed, let's be frank for once, the odd year too long already. So - what was I talking about? Ah! Wine!): It only gets better the longer it can rest - but unlike your high-quality, expensive wine, Vanilla, and now listen, dear reader, still is free, like all the most precious things in life.

-- Christian Langreiter, Andreas Bolka

change log

distribution changes
- licensed under the AFL 2.0
- added .conf documentation
- added unix & win32 quick install guides
- wrapper cgi added (with vhost support)

new dynas
- snip attachments!
- xi ("extended include" - low-level content templates)
- sidebox.recent-edits
- backlink-browser
- stats.refs, stats.reftrack (with basic filtering option)
-, space-size, total-views
- include-if: allows conditional includes (improves hide-on)
- indexing.alphabetical, indexing.most-linked
- users (a simple userlist)
- maintain.clean-backlinks

improved dynas
- find: improved snip creation link functionality
- added integrated user counts
- calendar.*: multiple instances, generalized

dyna bugfixes
- search box: fixed title only search to full text search
- a age: minor calculation bug fixed (thx gpoul!)
- indexing.wanted-snips: some small bugs fixed
- last-editor: {.name} resolution bug fixed
- indexing.wanted-snips: bugfix (removed html-escape-generic reference)
- indexing.recent-stores num-of-days param fixed
- du-jour: date-limit in future bug fixed
- hide-on: matching bug fixed
- the dynas snips-by-user, sidebox.backlinks, find, the du-jour and the hierarchy stuff have been cleaned up

- backlinking bugfixed! (heuristics introduced)
- empty-first-line-gets-junked-on-edit bug fixed (textarea probl)
- special character handling for &, <, >, " and ' in snip titles heavily improved, related html encoding bugfixes
- major refactoring of user/session/auth code
- made start snip configurable
- cookie-prefix introduced (enables easy multi-homing of multiple vanilla's on one vhost)
- cgi wrapper support
- url generation configuration improved
- base-url usage with http-redir unified, vanilla-html-link-prefix removed
- url encoding bugfixes
- html-link-me-up case sensitivity fixed
- flexible-link-up bugs fixed (links containing // could not use post-colon)
- is-internal-link?: parse rule fixed
- resource-url internal snip added (-> {resource-url})
- various templating (display selector) related cleanups
- delete selector added
- display-asis selector added
- param parsing fixes
- made HTTP POST data available via global __post-data
- benchmark flag added
- nifty cgi params parsing bug fixed (nams/vals was provided by get AND post)
- redirect writes proper Status header
- small set-cookie bug fixed
- empty redirect-to after login -> start
- slight improvements of http-redir
- full path is displayed in dyna load errors
- copyright notice updated

- decode-cgi added
- space chaining added (chainingspace accessor), vanilla's snips are in a "initial/" subspace.
- simplespace is now deprecated! use chainingspace instead
- chainingspace/simplespace: filesystem decoding bug fixed related to snips with a + in their name
- chainingspace: system-snip? function introduced, related refactoring
- chainingspace: case handling bug fixed (using unique/case in sys-dir)
- simplemeta: esc-to-meta bug fixed ( as last char caused crash)
- simplemeta: iteration bug fixed
- simplesessiondb: minor bugfixes
- secure-hash: cleaned up

- loads of snips renamed, common vanilla-/vanilla-user- prefixes added
- unfinished/abandoned dynas moved to 'dump'
- admin snips updated
- colsize in edit form template changed
- alphabetic index is default index
- various typos in dynas and snips have been cleaned :)
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