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Release Notes

Vanilla 0.6.2 is - of course and per definition - the most amazing Vanilla ever, but still you might wonder: What, exactly, is supposed to instill never-ending amazement in you? Well, friend of all things vanilloid, there's an easy answer: Vanilla 0.6.2 brings you a shiny new weblogging infrastructure that boldly calls itself "du-jour deux" (dj2).

Du-jour deux continues to support the traditional "one piece a day"-style but also features a "multiple items per day" mode. Yeah, we can hear the sighs of relief of you Movable Type/Wordpress/Antville/etc. Vanilla-users-to-be, your favourite blogging style is now supported by your favourite bliki! Furthermore, the comment system has been cleaned up (no more comments-* snips; comments wherever you want them, not only in the weblog) and the whole du-jour infrastructure is easily templatable - just have a look at all those template-* snips.

In the cool shadow of the grand tree which calls itself du-jour deux two more jewels are to be found: a note-desktop application (for those of you who, like me, like the look of all those iconised .txt files on their desktop) and "sticky" snips, an easy way to add/remove snips to/from the sidebar - formerly known as "vanilla long-term memory".

Various other bits and pieces have been cleaned up; even a few bugs have been squashed. Let us finish with mentioning an apparently minor new infrastructural feature which may well make a very high impact for custom development - it's simply called "snip tags". You always wanted to have categories, keywords, you name it? With snip tags you can easily develop a system that exactly fits your needs. No, we don't provide any applications that work on those tags right now: Surprise us with your creativity!

Du-jour deux, sticky and the note-desktop are based on work done as part of a student project by Johannes Lerch, Csaba Burus and Bernhard Schuller under supervision of Andreas Bolka and Johann Grabner, sponsored by synerge digitality. We want to thank the team members for their efforts!

Finally, as always: Enjoy!
-- Andreas Bolka, Christian Langreiter; 2004-11-09

Change Log

- added support for "snip tags"
- removed dns lookup for last-store-addr
- set-cookie params reordered (was bugged with lynx)

- dj2: the next generation of du-jour, supports day-based and item-based
blogging. improved comment system (no comments-* snips anymore).
- added the "sticky" suite (sticky, sidebox.sticky)
- added note-desktop
- logio: rewritten to use templates

- upgraded to recent decode-multipart-form-data
- upgraded to recent string-tools

- vanilla-template: cleaned up, added stylesheet (vanilla.css)
- vanilla-template: uses dj2, sticky support, no calendar anymore
- added templates for dj2, comments, logio and note-desktop
- added snip.png for note-desktop
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