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 What's really needed
created by Carl Sassenrath
last edited by earl
Vanilla is a nice tool. Very cool.

However, the information about Vanilla seems to be scattered around the net and the user documentation seems hard to come by. Did I miss something somewhere?

Someone needs to spend a few hours and build a few pages that link to other useful Vanilla references and example sites. A central archive of some kind.

It seems to me that you can also create a great little manual for Vanilla using Vanilla itself. You can get people to use Vanilla to collaborate on it.

-- Carl Sassenrath

Carl, thanks for your kind words. "Scattered around the net" is a very positive way to describe Vanilla's documentation. As I see it, there are only very few places with information about Vanilla: this very site, the mailing list, the heads/minds of active Vanilla developers and maybe some minor random bits and pieces at various Vanilla sites such as Graham's RIT, Christian's lcom or my own esa.

This very site was and still is intended as the central place for all things regarding Vanilla - the central archive you mention. However, due to various reasons Christian and I have not come over to begin the work this site badly needs (and Vanilla would surely deserve). That's maybe also a central reason why the "collaboration" you describe did not happen yet. I know that you consider email to be dead, but still, the vanilla-pudding mailing list is a friendly and active resource. We'd be honoured if you join and ask whatever you want to know regarding Vanilla.

Alternatively, you can simply create snips here, for topics that you would consider worthwile to be documented. This could bootstrap a collaboration on documentation - just post what's on your mind and turn loose the magic of a Wiki - I'm sure people will answer (at least I will ;).

-- Andreas Bolka

Vanilla is a good tool and yet very simple. I am considering using it instead of PHPBB to publish my site . I wonder if Vanilla has a friendly way of dealing with translations. This is a good thing to have if not available yet: a ".r" file where words could be set with its new values according to user language :)

-- carloslorenz

Vanilla has currently no mechanics built in for dealing with translations. And I fear it's a rather low priority. We would like to see better support for internationalistation in REBOL before we disembark on the i18n jouney. But I'd guess a very very basic "translation" functionality could be done within a 1-2 days by someone familiar with Vanilla/REBOL.

-- Andreas Bolka
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